CerTus 11.0

Is a tool from which organizations can automate and manage financial controls
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Certus Compliance is an easy-to-use enterprise application from which organizations can automate and manage financial controls and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.
This proven platform offers sustainable compliance metrics, control objectives, and workflows for planning, reviewing, managing, and driving SOX initiatives.

By automating otherwise labor-intensive tasks, organizations can minimize errors and enforce best practices. More than 70 large, international corporations trust Certus Compliance for their SOX management program.

Main features:

- Reduce the cost of compliance – Enable more efficient SOX management by automating SOX processes
- Tailor permissions to access information and perform actions – Ensure the correct people use the appropriate information at the right time
- Easily design and implement internal controls – Extensible solution fits your organization’s needs
- Quickly discover and remediate weaknesses in workflows – Integration with business processes and automated notifications and alerts helps you optimize your compliance workflows
- Get a better understanding of people, processes, and information across all stages of a project – Easy-to-use interface and prepackaged and configurable reports and dashboards deliver in-depth visibility into the effectiveness of controls

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